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Whether in a hospital, a midwife led unit or at home, every woman deserves to have a safe and fulfilling birth experience.

When asked, most women will say that in order to have a positive and fulfilling birth experience they need to be listened to, respected and trusted by those caring for them, and they need to feel comfortable and safe in their surroundings. They place importance on building relationships with their carers, particularly their midwives.  Midwives place importance on this too.

But despite woman- centred care being widely acknowledged to be best for mothers- to- be and their families, in practice the delivery of maternity care puts focus on provision of services within the hospital, rather than in the community, and on the financial systems that underpin the service. This has led us to set-up that is far from where we want and need to be.

We are not asking you to change things over night. We are asking you to press the Minister for Health to stick to this government’s promises to reform maternity care:  to recruit more midwives; to ensure every mother knows her midwife; and to ensure that wherever a mother-to-be lives , she is able to make decisions about where and how she has her baby based on genuine availability of options - hospital, midwife led unit and home - as well as the option to employ an Independent Midwife, which is currently under threat.

Failing to offer many mothers-to-be the choice to have their baby outside the hospital environment is not only failing mothers-to-be, it also an appalling waste of money. Just over 90% of women currently have their baby in a hospital. According to the recent Birthplace Study, it costs almost £600 more for a hospital birth than it does to have a baby at home, over £200 more than having a baby in a Midwife Led Unit. Even if just another 10% of women chose to have their babies in a Midwife Led Unit (MLU) we could save more than £12 million a year, or more than 3 times that if they had their baby at home.

So what makes sense for mums, their babies, their families and their carers also makes sense for the country as a whole.

We need to radically rethink maternity care. We hope that you will help make 2013 the year to do it!

Please sign EDM 543: The Birth I Want campaign or write to the Minister raising these issues. Many thanks

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