Tell us your experience

The Birth I Want is looking to build a picture of midwifery care in the UK.  Your experiences and opinions will be used to create a vision of the ‘perfect’ midwifery and birth package based on what we as mums and mums to be want. And then we will take that vision to the Government.

We think midwives do a phenomenal job, often under significant pressure. We aren’t looking for unconstructive criticism. What we want are real life experiences of the care you received or are receiving in pregnancy and birth; what worked for you and what didn’t; what needs to change and what should be built on for the future.

Please answer as many of the questions as you can. 

Thank you!


About you
We will not give this to anyone else or use it to flood your inbox
Telling us which county you are in will do just fine
Month and year will do
The run up to the birth
Onto the birth itself
This can include water, hypno-birthing techniques, TENS as well as gas and air, epidural etc
Did you change your mind about what you wanted, or was it changed for you? If your plans altered, did your midwife help you deal with it and did you find out why it had been changed?
After the birth
If you experienced difficulties, could you get consistent advice?
For example, if you suffered from feeling low or from post natal depression did she/he help?

THANK YOU – We will use what you’ve told us to let the government know how maternity services in the UK should look - according to mums.

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